Graph visualization and layout

Glay is planned as a graph handling tool to reach the following objectives:

  • ability to handle large graphs, at least at the region of a few thousand vertices and edges
  • the 3d layout should be presented with a fast "flight simulator"-like program that allows navigation like rotation or zooming.
  • the whole system is to be scriptable


Although I did use it for quite a lot, it is currently not ready for use out-of-the box. At present people not interested in programming should check out other tools. I hope this warning is going to disappear in the future.

In the meantime, see some example pictures that were created with Glay.


The main idea is to have a perl glue of well coded C and C++ libraries, so that one is able to experience with them. The development documentation is not ready yet. Moreover, it does not even exist :)

I maybe will be able to progress, or maybe not. (The project shows a solid development, sometimes stalled for one or two years, but then continues again :). However, you are very welcome to read the existing documentation and to see the code... .